Addiction Recovery Services

DUI Evaluations and Treatmentin Columbus, Georgia and Evaluations in LaGrange, Georgia


Providing DUI evaluations and treatment, addiction counseling, and CARF consulting preparation.

DUI Evaluations and Treatment

Addiction Recovery Services provides alcohol and drug clinical evaluations in both LaGrange and Columbus. Wayde Washburn is on the Georgia Registry of Clinical Evaluators (CE 1163) and Treatment Providers (TP 1163). Evaluations are scheduled with every effort to meet your schedule! Charges? Wayde charges the least allowable by Georgia law for a clinical evaluation following a DUI, $110.

Addiction Recovery Services provides DUI treatment services in the Columbus Office. Groups sessions for treatment are available in mornings or evenings, also trying to meet your schedule.

Out of State DUIs

If your DUI is from another state, Wayde can most likely conduct your required evaluation. He has conducted evaluations for persons who have received DUIs in Colorado, California, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington, Vermont, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Arizona, New York, and Michigan as of now. (never been disallowed by any state)

The charge is typically $110.

In the above photo, are Dr. David Mee-Lee and Wayde Washburn. Dr. Mee-Lee is often credited as the author of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Placement Criteria. In Georgia, persons convicted of are DUI are required to obtain an evaluation based on ASAM criteria.

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