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May 2012 Satisfaction Survey.

In May 2012, all persons who completed initial satisfaction surveys rated Addiction Recovery Services a "5" on a "5 Point Scale." The areas included: shown respect when first contacted Addiction Recovery Services, the time offered for the first appointment was appropriate, treated with respect when arrived at Addiction Recovery Services, and felt like I was heard, understood and had my needs addressed. When asked what they would change regarding the first visit, no one suggested any changes! The survey was given after the evaluation.

Also, those who were currently receiving services at Addiction Recovery Services ranked "4.75" on "5 Point Scale" when asked about services being professional, improvement since beginning services, times for appointments are convenient, and being treated with respect.

Letter to Editor: LaGrange Daily News

Drugged driving needs attention


July 1, 2011

La Grange News

Dear Editor:

In the past 25 years, our nation has made great strides in recognizing and addressing the dangers of drunken driving. Georgia has implemented a DUI Intervention Program to ensure that persons convicted of DUIs face legal consequences and are introduced into the drug abuse treatment system.

However, now it is time that we also address “drugged driving” - driving under the influence of illegal drugs and prescription drugs.

One problem is that with alcohol, we have set definite levels which specify amounts of alcohol in the system (e.g., 0.08 blood alcohol content) to illegally drive. Yet it has not been so easy to name those exact levels of prescription or illegal drugs, nor how to identify the presence of these drugs out on our highways.

Another problem is that, although our prescription drugs often come with a warning about operating heavy equipment or driving, the general public often ignores the warnings, thinking that if the doctor has prescribed the medication, it is, therefore, legal to drive after taking the medication. Although taking the prescription drug, if taken according to doctor’s orders, is legal, it still does not allow one to drive “under the influence” of a mind altering medication.

So, please be aware of “driving under the influence” of any mind-altering substance, whether it be alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, meth, tranquilizers, opiates or other prescription pills.

For more information, please see:

Wayde J. Washburn

(Addiction Recovery Services, 301 West Broome Street, Ste 106, LaGrange, GA 30240)