Addiction Recovery Services

DUI Evaluations and Treatmentin Columbus, Georgia and Evaluations in LaGrange, Georgia


Providing DUI evaluations and treatment, addiction counseling, and CARF consulting preparation.

Workplace Consultation

Many people think that persons with alcohol and other drug problems are unemployed and that pre-employment drug screens ensure that persons using illegal drugs will not be hired. Would it surprise you to know that:

  • 64.3% of persons reporting illegal drug use are employed, full time

  • An estimated 8.8 percent, or 10.1 million, of full-time workers reported heavy alcohol use in the past month (If your company employs 200 people, that would be nearly 18 employees reporting heavy alcphol use in the past 30 days!)

  • An estimated 6.4 percent, or 7.3 million, of full-time workers reported the use of marijuana during the past month


    Addiction Recovery Services can help your business develop and maintain an effective Drug Free Workplace Program. By working strategically in a very competitive economical environment, you can reduce the expense of absenteeism and injuries, lower the number of health insurance claims, prevent the loss of productivity and employee morale, and reduce theft and fatalities in the workplace.


    How can Addiction Recovery Services help you?

    • Policy Development

      Supervisor/Employee Training

      Consultation for suspected alcohol and other drug use in the workplace

      Evaluations for alcohol and other drugs

      Treatment services for alcohol and other drug abuse


      By a Qualified Provider, and